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Posted on Monday, July 07, 2014, by Tour Time Admin


Our Tour Manager Brent Imrie tells us about his first day in Paris. 

Made our way into Paris for the evening and visited the Latin Quarter for dinner. 

Had Escargot and Frogs legs along with steak with Blue Cheese sauce. The frogs legs tasted like chicken and were rather delicious. This is my second time having these and would recommend as a "Like Never Before" experience. Onto the Escargot……..these tasted of Garlic with a hint of an earthy taste. They are really fiddly to extract from there shells but are rather meh!! Expensive for what they are but I guess it is something that you have to try at least once in your lifetime.

The sun is setting at 10.26pm and I have to say that walking along the River Seine on sunset is truly amazing.  Can see why it is called the city of Love.


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