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Soccer tours in the USA like never before

See the stars and be welcomed by local soccer teams as you travel with your football team through the USA.

Tour Time will work and travel with you each step of the way and turn your football touring dreams into reality.

Visit New York City, Washington D.C., Dallas and Los Angeles. Enjoy local hospitality and play with and learn from local soccer teams.

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Football Tour USA Itinerary

A Tour Time tour is completely unique and totally memorable, so the sample itinerary you see below has deliberately been kept generic to prevent it being copied and used by our competitors.

We guarantee your tour will have hands-on and personalised management, you will have access to our international network of experienced and knowledgeable contacts, and be able to mix with like minded people from around the world.

One of our staff members is happy to discuss a more detailed itinerary with you today.


Sample itinerary for a 22 day soccer tour to the USA:

Day One: Travel from Auckland to New York
Day Two: Sight-seeing and light training
Day Three: Free time followed by first tour game
Day Four: Sight-seeing
Day Five: Shopping and free time followed by training session
Day Six: Second tour game
Day Seven: Travel by coach to Washington D.C.
Day Eight: Sight-seeing and coaching session
Day Nine: Day trip to Gettysburg
Day Ten: Third tour game
Day Eleven: Sight-seeing followed by flight to Dallas
Day Twelve: Sight-seeing and training session
Day Thirteen: Fourth tour game
Day Fourteen: Day trip to Fort Worth
Day Fifteen: Fly from Dallas to L.A., sight-seeing
Day Sixteen: Attend elite coaching and training session
Day Seventeen: Fifth tour game
Day Eighteen: Sight-seeing
Day Nineteen: Disneyland
Day Twenty: Free time
Day Twenty-one: Last tour game followed by farewell dinner
Day Twenty-two: Return home


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