Are we travel companions?

Over many years crafting thousands of tours with different people and personalities, we’ve built a library of knowledge about the type of groups that get the most out of the Tour Time experience. Here’s what matters most to the people we travel with:

  • My tour is important, I have lots of people heavily involved behind the scenes.

  • I’m important. I’m the representative of a business, so please help me achieve our goals.

  • I’m organising a school tour and fundraising is crucial, can you help?

  • I need to be accountable, so I’ve got to get three quotes. Help me understand why Tour Time is a better choice.

  • My needs are important, please make sure you take them into account when planning the tour. I am part of an older group tour – I need someone to think ahead (e.g. organise step-in showers for our accommodation, not over the bath showers).

  • This may be the only time in my life I do this - please make my experience meaningful!

  • I need to trust you as I’ve never done this before. This means I don’t know how to do this myself. Please help!

  • I have fears that I will be ripped off. Please reassure me you won’t.

  • What happens if I, or my child, get sick overseas while on tour? Will there be Tour Managers? Will you thoroughly research and experience our destination prior to going?