Cultural Education Tours

The indigenous culture of a country is something to be celebrated, and what better way than to take your culture to another part of the world. Whether you are a school group wanting to visit your sister-school, a language group wanting a full immersion experience, or a club of like-minded souls, Tour Time can work with you to design a cultural tour that will enhance your inter-culture awareness and understanding.



Although it’s a young country, a cultural immersion trip to Aotearoa will astound you. From learning the haka or a poi dance, to eating a ground-cooked hangi and making your own Maori instruments, there is something for everyone.

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The Aboriginals have a unique way of looking a the world and have a close connection to the land. Visit sacred sites, explore the history of the Great Ocean Road and learn the Aboriginal art of dot painting or how to play the didgeridoo.

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From Spain to Germany, France or Hungary there is certainly no shortage of new cultures to experience in Europe. Test your language skills, taste authentic cuisine, and soak up the wealth of history on offer.

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Scotland and Ireland have a lot to offer on a cultural exchange. Learn a traditional gaelic dance, play a game of gaelic football and sample the hearty local cuisine, from haggis and neeps to soda bread.

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Discover the fascinating history of America’s West: Spanish priests and soldiers, Russian and British invaders, French-Canadian trappers, and the Native American Indians - there’s many a tale to tell.



Explore the traditions of this ancient civilization through language, food, art, music and history, and then marvel at the impact of modern technology and development.



Argentina is one of our top picks for a cultural experience like no other. This South American beauty has it all - rich history, language, sport, arts and culture, ready and waiting for you to discover.



Experience an intriguing contrast of cultures in Japan, from the oldest traditions of the Samurai or tea ceremony, to the latest trends and technologies that are pushing boundaries, there’s plenty to explore.

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Singapore and Malaysia offer a fascinating blend of old and new. From the colonial history to leading conservation and environmental initiatives, this will certainly be a tour to remember.

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Learn about the original Polynesian settlers of Hawaii and the meaning behind the spirit of Aloha, as you uncover the cultural traditions of this island paradise.


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