Science Tours

Discover first-hand the innovation, technology and scientific developments that are shaping our future with a science tour to Europe, the USA, Australia or New Zealand. Open your students' eyes to a world of opportunity as you explore modern science and the huge choice of career paths that are available in this field.  



With everything from active volcanoes and geothermal activity to hydro power stations, New Zealand's vast natural landscape offers numerous locations to explore the earth and environmental sciences.

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From the biology and ecology of the Great Barrier Reef, to the CSIRO Discovery Centre and the Canberra Space Centre there is a range of learning opportunities to discover in Australia.

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Walk in the footsteps of Einstein, see the astounding discoveries taking place at CERN and push your boundaries in astronaut training simulators. Science tours to Europe are full of moments that matter!

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Discover the California Academy of Sciences and some of the tech giants in San Francisco, see the USS Midway in San Diego and attend Space Camp in Houston - a science tour to the USA has loads to offer!

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Hawaii is our favourite destination for earth and environmental science tours. You can combine the best real-world learning opportunities with stunning geography and some good old fashioned relaxation and shopping too!


“I chose Tour Time to organise the trip for us because I felt they best understood what I wanted.”

“The big attraction was CERN, where physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. We had a tour of the site, an introduction to The Standard Model and the four fundamental forces, and a masterclass in which two physicists took the students through data from ATLAS, one of the main detectors in CERN. We were able to analyse the data and figure out what types of particles the device was detecting - and it wasn't just the students who got a kick out of it!

The learning the students gained was more than I anticipated, and was not just science, but real-life skills such as budgeting, eating out, and self-care (like washing their clothes!). They developed confidence, and learned to take more risks with their learning.”

Rebecca Harrop - Otumoetai College

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