Music Appreciation Tours

We can partner with you to design a Music Appreciation tour that will inform and entertain, no matter where your interest lies. Whether you want to explore the origins of Jazz in the USA, discover the concert halls of Europe or walk in the footsteps of the great composers, our Music Appreciation tours can be curriculum focused, combine with co-curricular ensembles or be geared towards your special interest group. Your personal Tour Time Tour Manager will be on hand around the clock to help make the learning experience more rewarding and enjoyable for every member of the tour group.

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Take back-stage tours of famous concert halls, meet skilled instrument-makers and attend concerts as you explore everything the music scene in Europe has to offer.

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The rich cultural history on offer in the UK is just waiting to be discovered. From Handel to the Beatles and cathedrals like no other, the UK can satisfy all your musical tastes.

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LA, New Orleans, Nashville and New York! The USA has everything covered from the birthplace of Jazz and Blues, to Rock'n'Roll, Country and Broadway.


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