Performing Arts Tours

A Performing Arts Tour with Tour Time will incorporate the perfect blend of dance, theatre and music activities with sightseeing and leisure time for a tour full of moments that matter. Your personal Tour Time Tour Manager will be on hand around the clock to help make the learning and tour experience more rewarding and enjoyable for every member of the group.



This little country at the bottom of the world offers you an action-packed itinerary of performance, workshop and fun sightseeing activities.

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The thriving performing arts scenes in Melbourne and Sydney are ready to be explored. Take a private backstage tour of the Sydney Opera House, be challenged in dance and theatre classes and enjoy the range of shows on offer.

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From circus and street art to iconic theatres, there is plenty of history and culture to explore in Europe. Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Budapest are our top picks for a performing arts tour to Europe.

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With a dynamic, varied arts scene and everything from Shakespeare's Globe to the latest West End shows, a Performing Arts tour to the UK has loads to offer.

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From LA to NYC, a performing arts tour to the USA will be packed with opportunity. Attend a variety of dance classes and theatre workshops and get audition preparation tips from the experts.

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Singapore and Malaysia offer a melting pot of cultures and unique performance and workshop opportunities for your next performing arts tour.



You’ll have the time of your life as you immerse yourselves in the vibrant cultural scene in Argentina. Learn the tango, visit some of the 300 theatres in Buenos Aires and be inspired by the locals’ energy and passion.



“We literally wouldn’t have gotten far without you.”

“We might even still been stuck in San Francisco. Remind me never to go anywhere without you again. To be able to have such an organised and solid infrastructure to manage our tour was an utter privilege. To be able to have the room to be artistic because the administration and management has been taken care of is something that I will never take for granted. In addition to being incredible at your jobs, you are all wonderful, caring and kind people. You guys are actually the best – and that was touring like never before.”

Lachie Craig, Musical Director - Auckland Youth Choir


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