Tour Terms and Conditions


For Music, Sports, Education & Special Interest Group Tours

Set out below is an explanation of the conditions that apply when you book a tour with Tour Time NZ Limited and its Suppliers. It is important that you read these conditions as they not only define our obligations to you but also impose some important commitments upon you.


When you make a booking you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of your group the terms of these booking conditions. When a tour is booked by you, a contract exists on issue of our invoice. This contract is made on the terms of these booking conditions and is governed by New Zealand law. Any dispute will be dealt with by New Zealand Courts. On receipt of our invoice it is your responsibility to check that the information and booking details stated on our invoice are correct. Should there be any changes please notify us within 7 days of your receipt of the invoice when no charge will be made for these changes. If we are notified of these changes after 7 days, an administration fee of $25NZD per change will apply. 8 Weeks prior to the tour it is your responsibility to check the information provided by us is correct. You are required to submit your passengers’ names, spelt correctly as per each individual’s passport, and all relevant passport numbers if we have booked airfares. Any name change fees, cancellation/re-issue fees/re-purchase of tickets will be charged for.


  • Tour Time will make all best endeavours to secure fixtures, concerts, venues, visits, arrangements with host clubs, schools or authorities

  • Tour Time will make all best endeavours to secure billeting if required. We act as a point of contact between touring and host schools and will not be held responsible for non-provision cancellation or standard of billeting arrangements. The tour co-organiser/party leader must have a fund large enough to cover the cost of emergency accommodation should confirmed billeting by a host school/club be withdrawn or be unsuitable. Tour Time will assist as much as possible in finding emergency accommodation should this situation arise. Billeting is becoming harder and harder to secure due to the increasing disinclination of schools/local authorities/clubs etc. to offer this. Billets are a goodwill gesture from your hosts and Tour Time accepts no responsibility for non-provision of service.

  • Booking at the Massey University Sport and Rugby Institute are dependent on the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) team requirements at the time. Alternative accommodation arrangements will be made if the group is unable to stay there

  • Workshops/Master classes/Elite Coaching sessions/Training sessions are subject to the players/coaches/teams/clinicians commitments, schedules and availability and may change at short notice

  • In order to ensure all arrangements are appropriate, any physical, mental or emotional ability that may require special attention, handling or treatment must be notified in writing with your reservation request


Tour Time prefers groups to pay the Land Package in the currency of the international destination and the airfares in the currency of departure but are flexible and will work in with specific group requirements; please liaise directly with Tour Time in writing should you wish to pay in an alternate currency.


When you make your booking you must pay the non-refundable deposit amount as indicated on the booking invoice to confirm your booking. If the deposit and/or balances are not paid as per the following schedule, we reserve the right to cancel your travel arrangements/tour booking.

Tour Time operates a simple instalment payment process that all groups must adhere to.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 9.36.33 am.png

  • Depending on the time of travel, Tour Time reserves the right to alter instalment dates after discussion with the Tour co -organiser. Payment dates can be adjusted to suit – please liaise directly with Tour Time in writing to adjust any changes to your payment schedule.            

  • If your tour is booked less than 2-12months in advance, Tour Time will discuss with the Tour co-organiser the payment dates.

  • When a tour is booked the airfares may not yet be available. If this is the case we will advise the exact price once the airfares become available from the airline (often 330 days from tour date) and a non-refundable air deposit per person will be due within 10 days thereafter to secure the fares which are subject to availability at time of booking. Please note airline taxes are subject to change by the airline until full payment of fares has been made and are subject to availability at time of booking. Terms, conditions and payment dates fall under each airlines’ terms and conditions (available upon request). These will be advised by Tour Time on the initial air deposit invoice. 


Tour Time offers a price guarantee for the Land Package and Airfares once the deposits payment is paid by the group.

The non-refundable Land deposit payment must be received within 21 days from the date of the information evening for the price guarantee to be applicable to the price presented at the information evening.

The Air deposit must be received within 10 days of the actual airfare quote supplied to the group.

If the deposits are not paid within these time frames, the price of the tour will be subject to review and Tour Time reserves the right to amend the price to reflect current costs at the time the deposit payments are received  
Once the price guarantee comes into effect the tour price per person will never change as a result of:        
(i)  Exchange rate fluctuations
(ii) Airline prices excluding the associated airline taxes and surcharges        
(iii) In country supplier costs changing          
Once the price guarantee comes into effect the tour price will only be subject to change if:  
(i) You change your tour/travel arrangements as per Section 7
(ii)The numbers travelling in your group change as per 7(iii)      


Once a contract exists between us, you may wish to change your tour arrangements, accommodation etc. and we will do our utmost to make these changes but it may not always be possible. All changes must be in writing from the person who made the booking. You will be asked to pay an administration charge of $25 per booking form change and any further cost we may incur in making this alteration. You should be aware that these costs could increase when changes are made closer to the departure date, therefore you should contact us as soon as possible.           


If any individual member of your group, cancels their tour, written notification from the person who made the booking must be made and the cancellation will be effective from the date it is received at our office. Since we incur costs in cancelling tour arrangements, they will lose 100% of their non-refundable payments as detailed in 7(v)


(i)  If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges less the payment for the insurance premium and excess

(ii) If one person participating in a twin or triple share arrangement should cancel and no alternative share can be found, whether arranged by us or by you the remaining participants would then be required to pay the relevant single supplement or forfeit the triple reduction.

(iii) A reduction or increase in the numbers traveling in the group from those originally booked, may have an effect on the overall price per person i.e. your price per person may be increased as your tour price will be re-calculated for the new group size. The price of your new tour arrangements will be based on the prices that apply on the day you ask for the change. These prices may not be the same as when you first booked your tour. 
(iv) If you are prevented from travelling on the tour, you may transfer your booking to another person provided they meet all the requirements relating to that tour. A transfer from one person to another is also dependent on the availability of tickets, permits and other travel arrangements, as some of these are regulated by local law and are not transferable from one person to another. Additional costs such as airline tickets may be payable. The initial deposit cannot be transferred and must be forfeited by the original person. The new tour participant must pay their own non-refundable deposit. Both the person who was originally to take the tour and the person who actually takes it will be responsible for the amendment charges and any outstanding balance due in respect of the tour price and you will also be responsible for any additional costs that are incurred as a reason of substitution or transfer. Both persons will need to pay for their own Travel Insurance premium and this cannot be transferred.

(v) Your price may vary if the contents of the tour change from the original, e.g. the numbers travelling, number of nights hotel accommodation etc.  

(v)  Cancellation by You

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 9.36.56 am.png


It is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your travel arrangements, but we do plan the arrangements many months in advance. Occasionally, we may have to make changes and we reserve the right to:

  • Substitute any hotel/lodge/motel accommodation should circumstances necessitate at our discretion. Should any substitution occur then the accommodation provided will be of a similar standard if available

  • Routes and itineraries can be affected by adverse weather, road closures or other reasons and may be varied accordingly. We shall endeavour to advise you of these changes as soon as we are aware of them, however these and any other factors beyond our control, no liability will be accepted by Tour Time for any additional charges.Cancel a tour in whole or for an individual passenger in the event that circumstances beyond the control of Tour Time necessitate alternative arrangements to ensure the safety of other tour participants or their reasonable participation in and enjoyment of their tour. In such an event Tour Time reserves the right to decline to make any refund of any tour cost.

    (i)  We will not cancel your travel arrangements less than 30 days before your departure date, except for reasons of force majeure or for failure by you to pay the final balance. 
    (ii) Force majeure – We will not pay you compensation if we have to cancel or change your travel arrangements in any way due to unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised which includes: war, threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, adverse weather conditions, health risks, technical problems with transport, closed or congested airports.


Travel Insurance is not included in the travel cost. As a responsible group travel specialist, Tour Time offer the most comprehensive travel insurance available for groups. You are not obliged to accept our cover, how-ever, adequate and valid travel insurance is compulsory for all bookings made with Tour Time. The entire group must be covered under the one policy as should the need arise, we cannot have the group split depending on their own insurance policy. It you choose to purchase insurance cover other than offered to you by Tour Time, it is your responsibility to make sure it provides adequate cover and is comparable with the cover offered by Tour Time. You must provide us with an insurance indemnity form exonerating Tour Time from all responsibility in this regard. Should you whilst on tour choose to take part in any activity (eg bungy jumping, helicopter flights, hang gliding, white-water rafting etc which can be deemed as being of a hazardous nature, it is essential to ensure that cover is provided under the terms of your travel insurance. The organisers of some adventure activities that you may choose to take part in whilst on tour may request you to sign a waiver of their liability for risks involved. We must draw your attention to the fact that by signing such a document you may well lose any rights to claim for damages in respect of death, injury, or loss of or damage to property even if negligence on the part of the activity organiser is proven to have occurred. Local representatives are instructed not to act as agents in booking any alternative activities other than those approved by us.


If you have a problem or cause for dissatisfaction, please inform the Tour Time Tour Leader or our local ground handler (if applicable). This allows us the opportunity to put things right on the spot. If you remain dissatisfied you must contact our NZ office number or send an email to our office to allow Tour Time the opportunity to find a reasonable solution. It is therefore a condition of this contract that you must communicate any problem to the Tour Time representative and the supplier of services WHILST ON THE TOUR and you must confirm your complaint in writing to the persons set out above. If your complaint is not resolved locally, please follow this up within 7 days of your return home to Tour Time giving your booking reference and all other relevant information, keeping your letter concise and to the point. This will allow us to quickly identify your concerns and speed up our response to you. If you fail to follow this simple procedure we will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint and this may affect your rights under this contract.


The Tour Co-Organiser/Party Leader is to be the sole point of contact with Tour Time.
As tour co-organiser/party leader:

  • You are responsible for ensuring all relevant information provided to you by Tour Time is passed onto your group of parents/caregivers in a timely fashion. Of particular note, we request that a copy of Tour Time’s Terms and Conditions is available to all parents / caregivers at the time of booking.

  • You must be responsible for ensuring that any existing medical/emotional conditions or disabilities which may require assistance are declared to us before you book your travel or, if newly diagnosed, before date of departure. We cannot accept your booking on the clear understanding that we cannot be liable if you do not inform us of such a condition and an airline/coach operator/other supplier refuses to accept a member of your group as a passenger/participant. Tour Time reserve the right to ask your group member to obtain a doctor’s certificate which says he/she are fit to travel/tour or he/she are not fit to travel/tour.

  • You must be responsible for the behaviour of yourself and your party. We reserve reasonable discretion to refuse your booking or to remove you or a member of your party from any tour or travel, if your demeanour or behaviour, or that of a member of your party, is disruptive, dangerous or annoying to other people. No refund or payment of any costs incurred by you will be made by us under these circumstances.

  • You must inform us of any of your group’s allergies or food allergies, although this will be covered under our very comprehensive Health and Safety forms which must be completed to our satisfaction. In the event of food allergies etc Tour Time will inform Airlines, all Accommodation Suppliers and Restaurants of the person/s name/s and allergies. However the person themselves must know exactly what they can and cannot eat and Tour Time will not accept any liability for this. If needed the person must carry an epipen and you as Co-organiser must be aware of this.

  • You are responsible for ensuring every touring member is fit and able to participate in all activities whilst on the tour. This also includes notifying Tour Time of any changes in physical /medical/emotional fitness prior to departure and/or whilst on the tour.

  • You are responsible for advising all touring participants/care-givers that any medical cost not covered by travel insurance must be paid by the individual/caregiver.

  • You are responsible for advising all touring participants /caregivers that the information that is provided is to be accurate and complete. Full disclosure of a pre-existing medical/emotional/physical condition or relevant information must be provided and that in the event of failure to disclose any information that could affect the safety of those on the tour and/or those around the tour participants, they agree to hold Tour Time harmless.

  • You are responsible for advising all touring participants /caregivers in the event of illness or injury, consent is hereby given to provide emergency medical care, hospitalisation or other treatment, which may become necessary.


In an increasing number of accommodations the Tour co-organiser/party leader will be expected to leave a deposit

against possible damages with the accommodation Manager. Your Tour Time Manager will advise the exact amount required and method of payment possible.

Any damage caused to property belonging to the accommodation, whether caused wilfully or accidentally, will be the responsibility of the Party Leader. Groups will be expected to pay for any breakages or damages caused by a member of the group directly to the Proprietor. We will be obliged to pass on any invoices received from the accommodation representing damages and will not be responsible for compensation for items or property damage.

Enclosed with your Final Tour documentation you will find a room check list. As Party Leader, you should complete and sign the Check List after inspecting all the rooms which your group will be occupying, on your arrival, and before departure. This should be done in conjunction with the accommodation Manager who should accompany you on inspection of the rooms and counter-sign the Check list after agreeing on the condition of each individual room.

By doing this, both Party Leader and accommodation Owner can establish what damage, if any, may have been caused by a previous occupier and thus justify any “new” problems which may have occurred since the arrival of your group. The deposit will be returned to the Party Leader on the day of departure after a full inspection of the accommodation has been made. The above procedure allows the Party Leader to discuss any particular incidents with the accommodation Owner whilst on location, should for any reason, your deposit be retained.

In the event of any damages being caused by a member of your group, payment must be made before your departure directly to the hotel. Your deposit will only be returned to you once full payment has been made. Your group should also be advised that rooms must be left clean and tidy. Some Hotels reserve the right to make a charge if accommodation is left in a particularly poor state where extra and heavy duty cleaning is required. 


The Tour Co-organiser/Party Leader must ensure all members of the group have a passport valid for six months and appropriate visa requirements. Your specific passport, visa requirements and other immigration requirements are your responsibility and you should confirm these with relevant Embassies and/or Consulates. We do not accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements. Please note that the cost of any immunisation treatment is not included in the cost of the tour. The person signing the Booking Form is entirely responsible for passing any health requirement information to other group members. While we will endeavour to reconfirm any new health requirements at the time of booking, it is your responsibility to check with your doctor at least two months prior to travel for the latest requirements, recommendations and any costs.


By confirming your booking with Tour Time, you consent on behalf of your group, to be digitally recorded and to be included in the filming/audio footage documenting of any Tour Time tour, festival or event. You hereby grant Tour Time the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of you or any members of your group, for publishing in tour brochures, advertising, internet and any other marketing purpose on any medium, to alter the same without restriction, and to copyright the same, save always that Tour Time hereby undertake never to utilise any such photographs in a defamatory manner and shall keep such photographs secure throughout the period of their use. You hereby release Tour Time and the photographer/filmer/recorder from all claims and liability relating to the said photograph and footage.