2019 Takes Off!!!

The New Year is two weeks old today. And as proof that Tour Timers rarely have their feet on New Zealand soil, I am in fact on a plane today from Houston to Phoenix.

My first trip of the 2019 has included an exploratory trip through Space Center Houston to check out the facilities for our USA Science Tours. As you’ll all no doubt know, Tour Time have a commitment to always inspect every facility we visit with our young Tour Timers, for both Health and Safety purposes and to ensure the educational benefit of each activity. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. It is hard not to get excited when you’re faced with the reality of the extraordinary leaps humanity have taken in their reach for the stars.

As New Zealand enters the space race with its regular launches by Rocket Lab from their site on the Mahia Peninsula, students are becoming ever more interested in looking up to the skies. And the pure fact of it is that STEM skills are becoming ever more important as the world turns ever more digital… and our Science Tours are a great way to take the classroom out into the real world and get some real life experience of whats being achieved out there.

On the back of our visit to Houston, I also attended the National Development Summit for Rugby in the USA. Its amazing to see our national sport gaining even more of a foothold in the US market. The coaches are committed to developing truly world class teams, and as a destination, the USA offers the chance to not only play local developing teams, but to also get a taste of the immensity of the world out there for NZ players.

All in all I’ve had a blast on my visit to Houston and look forward to more excitement in Phoenix before I head home to spend time with the family before the School Holidays end.

If you want more information on either Science or Sports Tours to the USA, get hold of us in the office on info@tourtime.co.nz.

Happy New Year and here’s to an excellent 2019 full of opportunities.

Brent Imrie