They say we travel not to escape life...
but for life not to escape us.

At Tour Time, we know travel isn’t about selfie sticks, Instagram likes or passport stamps. It’s not even about where you go (although that certainly plays its part). At the heart of it, travel is a journey into yourself, a life-changing experience where you return believing anything is possible. It teaches you, challenges you, inspires you. It’s a feeling that follows you long after you’ve parted ways at the luggage pick-up.

If you return to normality feeling invigorated, motivated and emotionally energised, you’ve experienced something profound. That rare feeling is amplified when shared, reminding us of our shared humanity and burning stories into our collective memories. At the end of the day, you don’t remember the years – you remember the moments. We’re here to help you to experience the ones that matter most.


World Symposium on Choral Music
July 11-18, 2020

Tour Time are delighted to be the official travel partner for WSCM2020, being held for only the third time ever in the Southern Hemisphere…in our home town: Auckland, New Zealand.

We can offer full tour packages for your choir to attend the symposium, extend their tour out across our beautiful country to engage with the locals and take in the local splendor, with the opportunity to arrange additional performances.


The time of your life

Other providers may deliver a window seat or late checkout - Tour Time delivers the time of your life. We’re a NZ family owned tour operator creating shared transformative experiences across the world. On a Tour Time group tour, you don’t sightsee – you ‘go-do’. We’ll take you behind the scenes of Google HQ to rub shoulders with creative minds. We’ll lead you inside CERN in Geneva to see anti-matter and lunch with physicists. You’ll perform in the Sydney Opera House, immerse yourself in New Orlean’s jazz scene, dine in the dark in Singapore, skate the Miracle on Ice rink in New York and train with Argentinian football coaches. It’s limited only by imagination.

As a full service agency with Tour Managers joining you every step of the way, our tours come with 100% certainty. Leave everything in our capable hands as we draw on decades of experience to handpick itineraries tailored to your wish list and lead you to extraordinary people and places. Our mission? Make every moment matter. We simply refuse to settle, taking a never say never ‘can-do’ attitude to open doors where others see dead ends. Anything is possible if your head and heart are in the right place. And we’re all in.


Tour Time are specialists in
Group Global Tours

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It’s worth it.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer - a gift to the soul that keeps on giving. Or at least it should. Pieced together just right, a safe, shared travel experience not only stimulates your senses, it bonds you with likeminded souls, forges new friendships and changes your perspective on life and the future. The catch? You must determine its value before you depart. Of course, this means treating travel as a transaction. But from our experience, you only truly discover its value when you return home and ask a question countless travellers have asked before - was it worth it? At Tour Time, our passion is making sure you reap the rewards, not pay the price. To us, your happiness is worth it. The opportunities. The firsts. The lessons. The memories. Not to mention all the little things that won’t appear on a cost estimate sheet. Like not unexpectedly winding up in unsafe parts of town. Or having someone rally around you when your airline throws a curveball.

We dare to care, so you return with no regrets. And we think that’s worth its weight in gold.

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