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Singapore is a feast for the senses (especially when you take one of those senses away). At NOX-Dine in the Dark, you’ll be served by blind or visually impaired wait staff and guided through a journey of taste, smell, touch and sound. It’s an experience like no other. Also high on the list is Timbre+, a food hall housed in colourful shipping containers serving a range of different cuisines as well as live music most nights. Explore the modern luxury of Marina Bay, take a night safari with the local wildlife, embark on a traditional 'bum boat' river ride, dine on authentic cuisine in Chinatown and ride your favourite Hollywood blockbuster at Universal Studios.

Next stop - the colourful cultural melting pot of Malaysia. Share an affinity for music? The Penang House of Music is an interactive history museum that tells the stories of the island’s musical heritage, from history, to famous locals and other art forms such as bangsawan, boria, ronggeng, puppet theatre and Chinese opera - a must for those passionate about music history. Continue your Malaysian experience with a visit to the Batu caves, hammer your own beautiful pewter souvenir at the School of Hard Knocks (fast becoming one of our most requested experiences), and then ascend the world's sixth tallest tower in Kuala Lumpur for a buffet lunch with a view like no other.


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