You’re worth it.

At Tour Time, you may have noticed we talk about our travel companions a fair bit. That’s because we’ve spent over 30 years putting ourselves in the shoes of travellers just like you to understand what makes a tour an experience that’s worth every second, every dollar, every moment. Right now, you’re probably trying to get a gauge on our credentials.

“Who are you really?”
 “Why should I trust you?
“Do you actually know what you're doing?”
“Is my money safe?”

And fair enough too - the journey you’re about to embark on is a big deal. You don’t just need an enticing package price. You need certainty. To ensure you can see the full worth in the experience before you commit, we’ve designed a range of unique measures.


We’re TAANZ bonded

We understand and appreciate what’s on the line financially here for you. Not only does a lot of work go into crafting and preparing itineraries at our end, we also know the lengths you go to, to generate the funds to travel. Considering there is no government licensing for travel agents in New Zealand, how do you know who to trust?

To ensure your funds are 100% safe, Tour Time is TAANZ bonded. TAANZ (The Travel Agents’ Association of New Zealand) exists to stimulate, encourage and promote the desire to travel. As a self-regulating trade organisation, TAANZ works with its members to promote a Code of Ethics and Practice for travel agents, travel brokers and tour operators.

To be a member, you must meet strict membership and financial criteria, as well endure at least two financial reviews each year by the TAANZ Bonding Authority. This Bonding Scheme has operated since 1966, ensuring travel consumers can travel with complete confidence.


We provide Tour Managers

The thought of group travel is exciting, exhilarating even. But not all of those butterflies are happy ones – no doubt you’re feeling a little uncertain about a few things.

What if I get sick?
Will I be safe?
What if my tour doesn't go ahead?
What if I get injured, lost, kidnapped, or assaulted?
Who am I sending my 14 year-old to the other side of the world with?

To put your mind at ease from the outset, we offer Tour Managers. They won’t just set your itinerary and send you on your way. They’ll join you every step of the way to care for you, keep you safe, take you to places you never thought possible, and ensure you make the most of every second of your trip.

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