Why Tour Time?

When it comes to the most memorable travel experiences, it’s not about the price or the package or even where you go (although that’s important). It’s #momentsthatmatter. Experienced in global destinations for 27 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to discovering what it takes to immerse you in real experiences. Here’s what we stand for.

We return you a better person

We know travel isn’t about the selfie sticks, Instagram likes or passport stamps. Travel is a journey into yourself. That’s what we’re all about – transformative experiences of significance that return you home inspired, enlightened, and energised about the future.

We make it personal

As a family business, it’s all about the personal touch. We believe an itinerary loaded with deeper, more purposeful experiences shaped around your passions and personalities is something worth paying for.

We believe in shared experiences

As Christopher McCandless discovered on his ultimately doomed solo adventure to Alaska, happiness is only real when shared. These hauntingly beautiful words of wisdom drive our passion for group tours. Through shared experiences with likeminded travellers, we amplify the power of the moment and preserve the stories in our collective memories for years to come.

We promise certainty

A sense of certainty when travelling is worth its weight in gold. This belief has inspired us to employ Tour Managers to travel with you as companions, allowing your group to be exposed to new experiences safely.

We make it happen

We believe anything is possible. That’s why our students tour inside Google, not just stand in front of the sign for a picture. It’s why our students perform inside the Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall, not just look at it.