Meet the Tour Time Family


Beryl Imrie
Director and Leader

Where would you go in the world if nothing was impossible? This is my philosophy that puts the ‘wow’ into every Tour Time experience, showing people of all ages what’s achievable when we step outside what we know and believe. After all, we do not travel to change our scenery, but to change ourselves.

Unlike typical ‘sightseeing’ tours, I make sure that each of our tours has a focus; a shared interest that binds us all together and creates lifelong friendships. I feel so fortunate to be there to witness the powerful moments of transformation that occur on our tours, such as a school choir from New Zealand rise to the occasion of singing mass in the Vatican, or a science tour in CERN Europe being right there for the restart of the Hadron Collider.

I love the countries we travel to and by the end of the trip, our participants tell us how they too have developed a deep appreciation for the cultures and values of a land so far removed from their own. While we never want our trips to end, it is those moments of reflection upon returning that keep us all going back for more. It is a pleasure to be told how valued and looked after our tour participants felt. They feel informed and invigorated, and are quick to ask – ‘where shall we go next?’


Ron Imrie
Director and Founder

There are moments where I can’t believe I get to do this for a living. Such as when I’m in the Teatro Colon in Argentina, watching my tour group receive six standing ovations for their performance. There we are, united in this incredible moment that we all know we’ll remember forever. It’s these shared moments that make travel so incredible. And while I’ll never forget those big moments, like having dinner with David Beckham or venturing inside Google HQ, it’s often the smallest moments that change us the most, such as the simple act of having fun kicking around a ball with an orphan.

I believe travel is the greatest opportunity for transformation. Our tours don’t just pursue those impossible destinations, but also those influential people which we would never normally encounter. Hearing that a shy, lonely music student found such confidence on a music tour that he went on to become a respected music teacher is just one of the reasons why I keep giving this job my all.

On our tours, we welcome strangers and farewell friends, forging bonds over stories and spontaneous moments. I hope that one day I will be welcoming you too.


Brent Imrie
Director and Visionary

If there’s one thing I don’t believe in, it’s watching life from the side lines. For example, we don’t take music groups to ‘see’ the Sydney Opera House or Carnegie Hall. We take you to perform in them. To stand on the stage, to feel the famous boards under your feet and hear your own voice echoing off the walls, is an experience that no photo can ever capture.

To go or do something you once thought impossible ignites a spark that burns long after the suitcase is unpacked. You won’t settle for anything less than life-changing, which is why just one tour often leads to many more. Sharing these journeys is an absolute privilege, and I am continually inspired and influenced by the people I share these amazing experiences with. I’ve learnt I’m adventurous, optimistic, relaxed yet ironically a bit of a control freak – traits which help make every participant feel secure and welcome.

By opening up impossible doors, we hope that your eyes are opened to what you are capable of achieving. You’ll discover new places, but most importantly, you’ll find yourself. And that’s the greatest souvenir of all.


Sandra Brown
Projects and Music Director
(and Professional Musician!)

Most people call me Sandra, but there’s another unusual name that I’ve come to acquire – Boffin. After being in the Band of the Royal New Zealand Navy as a full-time professional musician for many years, I joined the RNZN Events & Protocol Office. During my time as an Events & Protocol Officer for the Royal New Zealand Navy, it was my job to pull together some rather major events, such as the 70th Anniversary of the RNZN, Changing of the Queen’s Colour with the Governor General and the Change of Command ceremonies for HMNZ Ships. While I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of project managing these large events (and acquiring the nickname Boffin) nothing is more rewarding than hearing that participants on a tour I organised have just had ‘the best time of their lives’.

By connecting people to places they never thought accessible, they walk a path less travelled and come out all the more richer for it. While I can plan the dates and places on paper, I can never plan for just how much of an impact going to these ‘unattainable’ places has on every person we are honoured to travel with. And that’s what keeps all of us coming back for more. 


Michelle Squire
Tour Designer and Dream Maker

I love planning amazing moments for students that they wouldn’t experience in their day to day life at school – whether it’s a dance class at a New York dance studio, a choral masterclass with a top clinician, a workshop with a Broadway actor or staying in a Monastery in the middle of Rome.

Overseas experiences on tour can change your life – they can affect how you see the world, what career path you choose, or where you decide to end up living. I feel that by creating brilliant tours for students at a crucial time in their lives, I can help them define who they are, what’s important to them and where they want to go in life.


Glen Brown
Tour Designer and Organisational Wizard

Hi, I’m Browny! I’m in charge of the Office and keeping everything ship-shape (a habit after 26 years in the Navy). I don’t Captain the Tour but give your Tour Time Captain all the information on steering the tour provided by us - but made for you.


Vikki Millar
Relationships Manager and Dreamer

I never once imagined I’d be so blessed as to find myself working in travel. Every day is a joy. Whilst I may be more of a desk jockey, I live every day through the eyes of our travellers… and every day I find myself inspired, amazed, gleeful, reinvigorated and excited to be a part of the journeys our travellers undertake.

It’s an incredible feeling to know that the moments we help create for people are not just great, but are truly life altering, meaningful and deeply personal. Each traveller will indeed have a marvellous shared experience, but a totally different personal reaction to what they experience. We may never really know the depth of the impact that travel has on every individual, but to see the light coming on in the eyes of one of our travellers as they fully comprehend their place in the world, well, that’s pretty special indeed.

So every time someone comes to me with a new idea, a new plan, a new business partner or some new concept on how to share our passion FOR the world WITH the world…I say “YES! Let me at it!”.


Enrique Molina
South American Operations Manager and Amigo

What makes every tour a momentous experience? Trust. Amazing things happen when our clients have that realisation that they can place their trust in us. They relax into the journey, bringing them out of their minds and into the moment. They are also keen to do things they’ve never done before, knowing that their best interests are being looked after at all times.

Having managed hotels and tour groups for many years, I’ve found it’s the little things that earn this trust. To me, it is second nature to look into a person’s eyes, learn their name and listen to their requests without judgement. I enjoy being counted on and taking care of any problems as they arise.

It’s the ‘little things’ on tour that are often the most unforgettable too. Taking part in simple acts of community service, such as sharing a song, a game or a meal with people less fortunate than us, is what really gets us out of our comfort zones, making memories and connections that endure long after we return home. I look forward to sharing these incredible experiences with you.


Jane Horder
Performing Arts

For years the shoe was on the other foot:  as a Performing Arts educator for the past 30 years, I was always looking for ways to expand my students experiences and create unique opportunities for them to grow outside the four walls of the classroom.  It is now my absolute pleasure to be able to bring these opportunities to you; and my new goal is to be able to utilise my own past experiences and lead you through the process of making your dreams come alive as your students journey out into the world.  It's hard to imagine how deeply these life changing experiences effect our students until you’ve looked into their eyes as they rehearse a Broadway Musical excerpt on Broadway, stand on stage in Carnegie Hall or hear their voices ring out in St Peters Basilica as they have their own #momentsthatmatter.  

Jo Fogarty
Regional Sales Manager


I am a passionate believer in the power of experiences … that it is not just the sights that we see, it is the changes that occur within us through discovering other cultures that broaden the mind and enrich the soul.  For many years I have been lucky enough to travel with my students and see their learning come to life before my eyes. Standing alongside them during these moments of discovery have changed me as much as it changed them.  As a sport woman and educator, I have the passion, knowledge and drive to help YOU bring these experiences to your students. This is why I am thrilled to be a part of the Tour Time family.


Sarah Imrie
Office Administrator

The Tour Time family is just that, my family. Every day I am blessed to be able to support a team of passionate and driven individuals to provide their customers, students, club members and musicians with the highest level of service and bring dreams to life.


Rebecca Page
Financial Controller

I might not get to go on the tours,  but I do get to combine two of the things I love –  the travel industry and numbers.  

My job is to help make sure everything is paid on time so your tour leader can focus on ensuring your tour is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


Delia Jordaan
Design and Administrative Assistant

We all see the world through a different lens and as a photographer, graphic designer and administrator, I work proudly with the Tour Time family to help bring their vision for you to life. Having travelled the world extensively myself, I’ve learnt that, as it turns out, there’s nothing quite like the total freedom that comes from exploring the world and all its unique and incredible cultures, and realizing that it’s so much bigger and more wonderful than you ever could’ve dreamed. I treasure what I’ve learnt from travelling, and use this knowledge to help me create moments of beauty both for you and the fantastic team that I work with. Get out there and see it with your very own eyes – don’t settle for it through someone else’s lens.