Basketball Tours

The USA is an obvious choice for your next basketball tour, but have you considered vibrant Argentina? Or the warm climate of Singapore and Malaysia? Basketball is such a widely played and popular sport, we can design a tour for your team that balances elite coaching sessions and games with fun leisure and team-building activities.



With its unique and dynamic geography and culture, New Zealand is an explorer's dream. Your next basketball tour can combine spectacular sightseeing with competitive games and inspiring coaching sessions.

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Basketball is a popular and widely-played sport both competitively and socially in Australia. Between games take time to discover the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, the rugged Outback or the bustling cosmopolitan cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

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In a country where more people play basketball than any other team sport, there is much to be gained from your next tour to the USA. Feel the buzz in the stadium as you watch live NBA and College games, compete in a tournament and learn from the best in training sessions.



A popular sport in Argentina, your basketball tour can combine games and training, sightseeing activities and participation in a community outreach program for disadvantaged youth.

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With school and college teams playing this popular sport, and an amazing climate and culture to enjoy, your next basketball tour to Hawaii will have the perfect mix of games, training and relaxation activities.


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