Football Tours

We know how passionate footballers are about their sport - and we also know how to design a football tour that will exceed your expectations! From the glamour of Europe to the passionate South American style of play in Argentina, you will discover a new love for the game when you embark on a Football Tour with Tour Time.



With a wide following in school and club-level football, you’ll be assured of a tour with energetic games, kiwi hospitality and amazing sightseeing opportunities.

AUSTRALIA hero.jpg


The Aussies truly love their sport - with training sessions at the national sports academy, plenty of games and some sightseeing thrown in, this will be a fantastic tour.

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Experience the raw energy of the large European stadiums, learn from some of the best in training sessions and tournaments. Combined with a little history and culture this will be a tour full of moments that matter.

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It’s no secret the Brits love their football! Experience the buzz of a live Premier League match, play passionate opposition and balance the itinerary with some amazing sightseeing as well.

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Embark on an American road trip and make new friends as you go up against some of 20 million people that play soccer in the USA. Enjoy everything from landmark sightseeing to legendary burgers on this trip of a lifetime.



Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Argentina as you learn why South America produces so many champions of football. Then enjoy sharing your skills with the locals at a community outreach program for disadvantaged youth.

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The most popular team sport in Singapore, they even have their own professional league. Enjoy the warm climate, friendly locals and some excellent training and game opportunities.


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